Funko Announced Another 70+ New Pops For 2023! - Top Pops - Video

Today we are taking a look at all of the Funko Fair announcements for day 3 as well as some Pops I missed from last week! Hope you enjoy!
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transcript: today is the third and final day for Funko Fair 2023 but before we get into those announcements we have to talk about some that were announced last week because Funko took them down and put them back up and I completely missed them and the ones that I'm talking about is a giant list of Disney 100 figures like these ones here we've got some from The Princess and the Frog up as well as Rapunzel and these are kind of like moments which I'm really enjoying the only one that I'm gonna say is a little bit underwhelming is probably the Princess and the Frog one because they totally could have put more on the left and right but they kind of just left it blank which I do still enjoy but it would have been cooler if maybe it didn't have the bass but then again I don't really know like don't get me wrong it's still a nice figure it's just there's not much going on in the left or the right then on the next slide here oh right this is why they had taken it down and it says our previous post showed an image of the Naveen Funko Pop that's not true to the product which is accurately shown here so this is actually what he's gonna look like when the original one his skin tone is a little bit lighter and I guess the figure was the right color it was just the fact that the glamshot looked a little bit different and here's what he's actually gonna look like when you get him in person so definitely cool that they did update him and now let's get on to the next slide here which has a bunch more princesses as well as two Disney's Walt Disney you know what I mean and I gotta say they really do look great and also little fun fact this is I believe our first figure from Encanto since the original one's released like we got that original wave of I believe it was five characters and then that was about it so it's cool to see another Mirabelle now and it's her from the end of the movie and then we've also got a brand new Aurora as well as Snow White and then the Walt Disney's on the bottom there I am definitely gonna be going for especially him leaning up against the camera it's really well done and no don't get me wrong I also do like the waltwood Dumbo and Timothy actually what am I talking about I'm probably gonna be getting all of them and then on the next slidey we've got three more Disney princesses with their diamond edition counterparts all going to different stores and it's cool to see that they're bringing them to these kind of odd stores that used to get a lot of exclusives and now don't ask much anymore and then that Party City exclusive Elsa definitely an odd one this is I believe their second exclusive figure with the first one being from trolls World Tour and then on the next side here we've got ah The Aristocats three pack and then after that we've got a brand new Moana which I'm really enjoying so definitely a lot of cool ones for the Disney 100th anniversary and let me know which ones are you gonna be picking up all right now we can jump into week three starting with the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi and there is seriously some amazing ones here like C-3PO Wicket we're getting two Princess Leia's one normal as well as one boosh or I guess one on Endor and then we're also getting Luke as well as a Darth Vader from the end of the film and I believe this is the first time we've ever got like a character laying down on a Star Wars base like I definitely don't remember there being somebody kind of like sitting on the edge of it very similar to how they did it in the movie I kind of enjoy that it's almost like funko's using the bass as the set of stairs that he's laying on are kind of like the ramp in the movie and now going to the next slide here we've got all of the exclusives the holographic Luca brand new Max Rebo the Emperor Palpatine as well as one of the Ewoks which if I'm gonna be honest I'm blanking on their name right now but it's the one at the end of the movie where he's actually like playing the stormtrooper helmet it's pretty funny oh and then I can't forget on the left side there we're getting a Hot Topic exclusive Darth Vader pocket pop one that I feel like we've seen in the past but still a cool one to get then we've got two Deluxe figures the Darth Vader and Luke fighting and Emperor Palpatine's Lair as well as Jabba and salacious bcrom and these both have some really amazing detail and I also did see that the former lead designer Riese O'Brien had kind of a fun thing that they added to that figure on the top they're the Darth Vader and Luke where you could actually take the Hot Topic exclusive Emperor and put him in the middle there because there's enough room so definitely a neat addition to the character and as soon as I get both of those we'll be trying it out oh and I almost forgot there was another slide with two more Star Wars characters and it is these ones here from Jabba's skiff we're getting two of them here and then I believe there's gonna be six all together and so Funko is genius for doing this because it's a really cool way to get a bunch of characters and probably make some sort of battle at the end of this and if you'll notice here there's going to be a character in between Luke and Chewbacca so if you guys want to see who's on this GIF in the movie you guys could take a look here I'm just not exactly sure everybody at the moment like maybe Boba Fett or I'm thinking Lando Calrissian maybe a gammarian guard who do you guys think now for this next announcement I'm going to be honest I don't know too much about most of these characters I can tell you about a couple of them but here is WWE so for these first three I'm not exactly sure then the next ones here again not too sure but I do like that metallic version I think it just gives the character a little bit more pop and that one will be exclusive to the Funko shop and now we've got Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase my dad's favorite wrestler and so this one here is going to be a GameStop exclusive and the normal one is Diamond Edition the chase is just the fact that it's glittered in a different color which is pretty cool then for this last slide here we've got two WWE covers okay so a brand new line for the covers and the first two that we're doing is Hulk Hogan as well as Mr T and now I feel like some of you guys are thinking the same thing that I am why didn't they put them in the exact same cover because they're both on the same one it would have looked a little bit better in my opinion then it also would have filled out the base a little bit more like they could have put Hulk Hogan on the left Mr T on the right it would have been great but I guess getting them separately is still cool it's just a little bit more room on your wall now we are getting into some kind of interesting stuff that we actually talked about when I went to Toy Fair back in I believe it was 2020 like I'm pretty sure I saw it in person we've got pop candy and it's finally releasing I know I know it's been a while but we're getting a Freddy Funko exclusive to the Funko shop as well as three DC ones and then three Care Bears and from the looks of it here they've actually been redone like I definitely don't remember the Freddy and the Care Bears might have been there but they look a little bit different if they were I do definitely remember the Batman Joker and Wonder Woman those might have been the only ones that they actually showed off over at 24 I don't know pop the original photo on the screen and now I know that the photo is right here but I have no clue yet I'm sure they're similar though oh and now we're getting into some brand new Marvel stuff and they went with two one to maximoff ones for today one from Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness which is actually really close to a concept art that I saw a little while ago and I think it's really cool that they're finally creating this one and so this one here is going to be exclusive to Entertainment Earth and it's got the glow-in-the-dark eyes as well as magic in her hands pretty well done and then the other one that we got is another one in maximoff like I said it's part of the Marvel Studios Captain America Civil War build a scene I don't know why I read all of that but I guess that is the name this one here is the fifth pop out of 12 and I believe all of them are still available for pre-order over on Amazon now for this next announcement we are getting Willow the magic lies within and if I'm gonna be honest I thought this was for the newer show but apparently it's not it's apparently for the original movie that came out in the 80s and something kind of interesting that I noticed with these is that it's another lucasfilms product and we're getting another base with them and at first I thought it was just Star Wars stuff was bases but I guess we hadn't got any other lucasfilms properties so I guess it's every single lucasfilms thing has to have a base or maybe they just added it for fun I'm not sure if anybody has any information about this please pop it in the comment section below because I seriously am curious because these ones here might also be bobble heads you can't really tell them a glamshot oh and hold on guys that's not all of them because we're also getting one other figure with the Chase and I think you guys have probably noticed by now I don't know their names but they do still look like some pretty great figures and then after that guys we're getting a brand new TV show as pops and this one here is what we do in the shadows and these if I'm gonna be honest the Glam shots look a little bit earlier than a lot of the other ones that we've touched upon so these are probably going to be coming out later on this year and now for these ones again I haven't seen the show so I don't know their names but the nice thing is Funko put them in the description so I can read them here Colin Guillermo Lazo nausea and nandor I believe is their names and so we have these three here as well as these two on the second slide and then for the last one here you can actually pick up a glow-in-the-dark five pack over at Walmart and from the looks of it every single one of them glows so if you're thinking of getting the entire set I'd probably just go for this one here okay and now we can get into some stuff that I actually know about we've got a brand new Jimi Hendrix gold and this one here is going to be the normal size kind of about the height of a pop and I believe this is also a brand new sculpt form so I gotta say it looks pretty great and this is also the first time we've ever got a black light gold which I am enjoying I'm just hoping that Funko doesn't overdo it with a lot of the golds but giving it to Jimi Hendrix does make sense then we've got some more rocks with Cindy Lopper and I think that this one is pretty decent we got a Cyndi Lauper album cover a little while ago so it's cool to have a figure of her by herself as well as share and then there's going to be an Amazon exclusive shared well I uh no there's gonna be a mix up oh I tried making a joke there pretend like that never happened then there's also going to be an exclusive shared with Amazon there we go and the only difference for that one is the fact that it's diamond edition so again if you're gonna be going for one probably go for the Amazon version now we are getting into the only anime announcement for today and this is another one from boruto we've got Minato here and I think that this one really does look great I mean I kind of knew that something like this was going to be coming because we did get the three of them a little while ago and I'm trying to think if any of them have released so far I think maybe the first and second one that were announced but that's about it I mean none of them have come to Canada yet so it's kind of hard for me to know but I gotta say this line is starting to turn out really really great and I can't wait to see the other three and then everybody we got one soda announcement for today which is Marty McFly and this one's pretty cool because they made the chase him with that kind of like futuristic hat on and I think that this one really did turn out great the only thing that I wish was a little bit different was the fact that he was smiling because on the can he is but then when you take him out he's kind of like slightly frowning but besides that it really does look great and then we got one more announcement for today which is probably my favorite out of all of them we're getting a brand new stranger things figure it is phase three with Dustin Eddie and demo bands it's another one of those Deluxe moments one of those figures that comes in a box about yay big it is definitely going to be massive and I can't wait to actually pick this one up but I don't believe it's available for pre-order anywhere yet but as soon as I see it I will definitely be snagging one and I think that this is really gonna be interesting to see in person because I don't know is the bass gonna be 3D like it must be because they're standing on it then I also really like how Dustin is messing with the wires in the back you can see the amps as well as like about three or four demo bats actually flying like 3D inside and then of course we've got Eddie in the front with his hair blowing forward because of how loud the music is this is seriously sick and while everybody there we go that is all of the announcements for Funko fair day three and please pop it in the comment section below which one was your favorite because for me it's probably gonna be either Star Wars or stranger things both of those really do look great and anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you tomorrow.
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