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Some of the toys from the 1980s have become very valuable. If they are in the right condition and you are willing to part with them then you may make some serious money. You may be surprised how much they can bring. In this video we will discuss a few of the 1980s toys that could make you rich!
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as kids we all had toys that we loved
and enjoyed when we got older either you
or your mom most likely got rid of these
believing that they would no longer be
needed maybe they were given away or
maybe they were sold but because of
those fond memories people often look
back wishing they still had these toys
this of course drives the value up as
some people are willing to pay whatever
they can to recapture some of those
childhood memories if you happen to have
some of these old items and you're
willing to sell them then it's possible
for you to make some serious money
it really does depend on what you have
as well as the condition that they are
the Nintendo Entertainment System was a
game system that solidified the gaming
industry in the 1980s in 1983 the
console retailed for
199.99 which is about 514 dollars in
today's money
every kid wanted one of these and so did
some adults an original NES can sell for
around eleven hundred dollars on eBay
but if you have a factory sealed one
then you can get some serious money on
February 15 2020 one sold on eBay for 36
655 after a bidding war with 60 bids a
Super Mario Brothers game can easily
bring two hundred dollars but if it is
Factory sealed then they can go anywhere
between six thousand and seventeen
thousand dollars
The Legend of Zelda is another iconic
NES game and in the latter part of 1987
there was a limited production run on
one version that has become rare
in July of 2021 Heritage auction sold
one for 1.1 million dollars
when you think of the 80s and toys you
can't help but think of the Cabbage
Patch Kids
parents went insane over these and even
got into fist fights and stores during
the Christmas shopping season of 1983.
it seemed like they couldn't make enough
of these but they were actually making
two hundred thousand dollars a week
at the time the dolls retailed for 20 to
25 dollars but some stores were selling
them for as high as fifty dollars
today these dolls can bring good money
on eBay if they are in mint condition
they can bring more than two thousand
dollars each
the Star Wars droid fx7 appeared in the
movie Empire Strikes Back for a whole 16
more than enough screen time for this
medical Droid to have an action figure
of its own
a mint condition one new in the package
sold in 2014 for twelve thousand nine
hundred dollars
a lot of the older figures can also
fetch some good money if they are in the
right condition however there are some
rare figures that were never supposed to
be released and yet somehow were in
if you happen to have any of these it's
difficult to place a value on them but
they are worth a ton of money
boglands were a creepy cute rubber
puppet that was sold in cardboard boxes
that resembled cages kids who enjoyed
horror also love these little figures in
2019 a mint condition Halloween blobkin
sold for a thousand dollars on eBay
Cabbage Patch Kids weren't the only
popular girls toy in the 1980s Care
Bears started out as a character in
greeting cards from the American
Greetings company before they became a
lovable plush bear
in 1985 they even had their own cartoon
show the noble heart horse Care Bear is
one that is really sought after among
toy collectors and it can easily sell
for two to three hundred dollars
if you have any original Care Bears in
excellent shape they can easily sell for
as much as five hundred dollars
my pet monster was released by The
American Greetings in 1986. this was the
same company that introduced us to Care
this lovable monster was marketed
towards young boys who didn't want to
admit that they love stuffed animals
they were sold somewhere around twenty
dollars and today they can sell for
around a hundred dollars if it's new in
the box then it can sell for more than
five hundred dollars
many kids in the 80s collected baseball
cards and there are quite a few that are
worth a lot of money today
if you have the tops number 482 Ricky
Henderson from 1980 and it is in okay
condition then it can bring a couple
hundred dollars but if it is in really
good condition then it can go for twelve
hundred to fifteen hundred dollars
there are even some listed on eBay for
thirty thousand dollars or more
Barbie is no doubt a popular toy and
throughout the years there have been a
lot of different ones sold if you happen
to have the happy holidays Barbie from
1988 and it is new in the package then
it can bring a couple hundred dollars as
with any of these toys the condition is
key so for this one you really want to
have one that doesn't have any yellowing
on the package or any damage
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
came out in 1982
since then there have been cartoons
comic books magazines and even a
live-action movie but the toys are what
were really popular the figures can
bring pretty good money especially if
they are new in the package one of the
more iconic things from this series is
Castle gray school it originally sold
for 29.99 but if you have one unopened
it can easily fetch fifteen hundred to
four thousand dollars on eBay
Transformers were one of the defining
toys of the 1980s they even had their
own animated series to help sell the
the toys made a hundred million dollars
in 1984 and 333 million in 1985.
it's not uncommon to see some of the
main characters like Optimus Prime or
Megatron being sold for 300 each
if they are in mint condition then the
price can rise to around two thousand
Starscream was sold at an auction for
five thousand eight hundred and ninety
one dollars Soundwave was sold for three
thousand dollars on eBay
if you can bundle these together then
you can bring in tens of thousands of
in 1983 Hallmark released Rainbow Brite
they even had a 13 episode cartoon that
helped Market them as well as a movie
which made 4.89 million at the box
these figures could use the power of a
rainbow to make you happy they
originally sold for fifteen dollars each
and can easily go for 350 to 450 on eBay
if they are in the right condition
zany zappers are one of the strange toys
from the 80s they are essentially
sunglasses with red LED lights in them
they originally sold for five dollars
but you can see them selling for fifty
dollars and occasionally a hundred to
150 dollars
matte balls were one of the many gross
toys that became popular in the 80s they
were about the size of a baseball and
they even had a cartoon about them at
one time
originally they sold for three dollars
and fifty cents each but if you have one
now new in the box it can bring a
hundred dollars or more
GI Joe may have started out in 1964 but
it was really the 1980s when they boomed
a cartoon was launched in 1982 and
smaller Figures were being sold that
included backstory cards
in 2019 six unopened GI Joe night force
figures from 1988 and 1989 sold for five
thousand dollars
that's 830 dollars per figure in 2018
the Missile Command headquarters playset
in the Box sold for
4569 dollars the defiant space shuttle
playset sold for two thousand eight
hundred and fifty dollars in 2019 and it
was originally sold for 129 in 1987.
The A-Team was a television show that
was loved by Mani in the 1980s
the van as well as Mr T became iconic
and very much a big part of the decade
there were action figures being made by
golub and they sold for around five
dollars each today these figures can
sell anywhere between 50 and 150 dollars
if you have the right one and it's in
mint condition then it can sell well
above those prices
Dungeons and Dragons toys have become
somewhat popular to collect the game
began in 1974 but the toys appeared in
1983 and the action figures sold
somewhere around 3.99
if you have any of these they can sell
today for somewhere between thirty
dollars and four hundred dollars the
prototypes for these toys can bring a
few thousand dollars each
night rider was another popular
television show in the 1980s and it
starred David Hasselhoff
kit was a talking car and it has become
super iconic a lot of the kids were
carrying around lunch pails in the 1980s
that retailed for 9.99
these same lunch pails in great
condition are worth anywhere between 150
dollars and two hundred dollars
Shira is from the Masters of the
Universe franchise and she also had her
own television show back then there were
very few female superheroes
since that time she has become pretty
collectible and the most sought after
item is the Princess of Power crystal
Castle it originally sold for
32.99 but it can easily sell for around
two hundred dollars today if you have
one in mint condition then it can easily
fetch close to six hundred dollars
muscle Figures were sold in a 10-figure
can for about three dollars there were
tons of them to collect muscle was
actually an acronym which stood for
millions of unusual small creatures
lurking everywhere
they became extremely popular in the mid
80s loose figures can be purchased today
for a few bucks but if you have certain
ones or lots of them bundled together
then they can bring a few hundred
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was first a
comic that was released in 1984 issue
number one in excellent shape can go for
thousands of dollars if you look on eBay
today you will see a few outrageous
listings for a hundred and fifty
thousand dollars and 249 thousand
dollars of course there are quite a few
people watching it to see if they
actually sell for that price
Ninja Turtles became so popular that
even other issues of the comic book
series are worth thousands
eventually an animated series was
released in 1987. the show became an
instant hit and so were the toys that
came out in 1988
the toys remain popular well into the
1990s the action figures in the 80s sold
for 3.99 and today they confess more
than 300 each
thank you these are just a few toys that
we have spotlighted from the 1980s there
are many other toys from the decade that
are also worth money
anyone who wishes to recapture a piece
of childhood memories will pay good
money for the one that they used to have
so if you still have any of these toys
from the 80s and you're willing to part
with them get to digging someone
somewhere is looking for the one that
you have and it could make you a lot of
thank you so much for watching

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