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Build Your ELF Funko Pop Collection with These Insider Tips and Tricks - Watch TopPops: "Today I am attempting to finish off my Elf Funko Pop collection! So let's see how many new ones I can get!" 
The Elf Funko Pop collection features characters from the popular holiday movie "Elf." These vinyl figures are highly collectible and come in a variety of sizes, from standard to super-sized. The collection includes figures of the main character, Buddy the Elf, as well as other characters from the movie such as Jovie, Papa Elf, and Mr. Narwhal. Each figure is designed with the movie's signature style and attention to detail, making them a must-have for fans of the film.

Exclusive Elf Funko Pop models are only available through certain retailers or events. These exclusives are often highly coveted by collectors due to their limited availability and unique features. For example, an exclusive Elf Funko Pop model may have a special outfit or accessory that is not available on the standard version of the figure. Some exclusive Elf Funko Pop models may also be numbered and limited in their production, further adding to their value and collectibility. It is common for exclusive Funko Pop models to be available for a short time or in limited quantities, so collectors may need to act quickly to get their hands on one.

Transcript: up until today I've owned every single alfunkel pop well except for that one over at Walmart because if you guys didn't know I'm a huge fan of Elf so you can see we've got like Mr Narwhal Jovi Papa elf even the original one that came out in 2013 and I honestly thought at this point we weren't going to be getting any more of them because of the amount that they've made already until a little while ago when they announced that they're gonna be making an entire line of nfts and inside of those they're actual physical figures which means when you open up these packs you could have a chance to possibly get something like this where I can actually have it in my real collection and now if you were hoping to get some of these packs I apologize they've sold out already but I do have 10 of them that we're gonna be cracking open today and so here we are on the website and you guys can see I was able to get a lot of these and now normally when they do drops like this I'm usually able to get like three or four packs but today it just kept putting me back at the front of the line and I don't even know how maybe the Funko Gods knew that I really needed to finish off this collection so I'm pretty excited about cracking these open but now before we do that I want to show you guys all of the physical figures you can get inside like Buddy the elf with Puffin sitting next to him this one here is the rarest and is limited to 999 pieces so fingers crossed we can get this one and then also we've got the Buddy the elf eating spaghetti that one's really funny then we've got Jovi from the end of the movie when she actually goes to the North Pole we've got Leon here a pretty unique character and I'm hoping I can get him then we've got Mingming who is actually played by if you guys didn't know the actor who also played Ralphie in A Christmas Story and then if we're able to get every single one of the nfts from the entire line we'll be able to get this Freddy Funko as buddy The Owl and now the nice thing is with this one we don't have to get all of the physical figures just the digital ones and if you don't know what the digital ones look like it'll be something like this pretty cool and so now everybody it is time let's get into the first pack here which is going to be this one and there are 15 cards inside of each because I ended up going with the premium one oh my gosh there's all this Christmas music it's going it's going it's going here we go oh who do we got I can flip it around let me see here reveal it uh okay so we got the digital coin every I believe you get that in every single pack I think so but still a pretty cool thing to get and now we've got oh okay a common Buddy the elf then we've got another common Buddy the elf what do we got here oh Max tokenhead I believe their mascot now we've got an uncommon Freddy Funko as Buddy the elf and another uncommon oh no this one's different from the other one it actually moves in the background oh and hold on I gotta go back because if you take a look at this Mr Narwhal goes by okay that's pretty cute and then you guys might have seen there was the max token out here and I don't think we've got any physical figures yet it doesn't look like it oh oh I got excited there it's just the common version of Jovi though and then after that we've got the Buddy the elf with raccoon and hey first pack we got it oh my gosh we got the rarest one in the entire set like I mentioned earlier guys this winner is limited to 999 pieces is a physical figure and it's actually buddy with the Puffin next to him and they're both standing on an iceberg so I gotta say we are off to a pretty great start and now let's keep going here to see what else we can get and I'm guessing there's probably not going to be another physical one in the first back but it has happened before with me so hey you never know and it looks like no just the one but we did get a rare Puffin and so now if you guys want to see every single card that we got in the first pack here they are and you'll see over on the left there is the Grail Buddy the elf and something to note for people who maybe don't know much about them if it says Grail or legendary those are the physical figures now let's just get straight into pack number two here we go and I like the animation at the beginning too it rips it open and then shows the pack come on I'm hoping for something good and so here we go everybody I believe we should be getting a token first no we didn't we got the uncommon Freddy's so maybe it isn't in every single pack so I guess kind of cool to get and now let's keep going here we've got Papa elf we've got buddy the elephant I guess we'll go a little bit quicker because we did just see them oh that's a funny hold on the card that I just got is actually a physical figure that we got a couple years ago exclusive to Walmart so it's cool to see it in the drop and now next up we've got Puffin again and that actually would have been a really cool physical figure but I guess it's also cool to have him in the legendary one either way it works oh sorry guys not legendary Grail literally the hardest one to get and now let's keep going here with a rare puppet oh this one moves and now that I'm looking at it I'm just noticing both of his eyes are on the same side of his head kind of weird but still a pretty cute figure and let's just keep going here and see we've got a normal Jovi we've got ooh Mr Narwhal and now here's the thing guys even though I'm not getting too excited about these cards if I get every single one of the ones that don't have physical figures I could end up getting that Freddy Funko as Buddy the elf so they are still really special to get and now let's find out what's next and it's Papa elf ooh I like the snow going on this one and then we've got Buddy the elf and oh buddy throwing snowballs that's pretty cool which for everybody wondering also has a figure and oh wait I don't think I have that one oh no oh I thought I had them all except for the big Deluxe one I guess I got another one to hunt for but we can't worry about that today because we need to get into the next pack here and let's find out if we're gonna be getting another one and I hope it's a different figure because I mean come on getting two Grails that's kind of crazy and so here we go everybody let's flip it and find out okay we got the Freddy funko's Buddy the elf then we got another Freddy photos oh no it never switched there we go that's the second one it's Jovi ooh an epic buddy of the alpha now this one doesn't have a physical figure but it's getting super close and it honestly looks really great with him throwing the Snowballs animated like that and now that I'm looking at this card I definitely don't have this I don't know how I missed that one well anyways let's get on to the next figure here which is going to be Buddy the elf just the normal one then we've got ooh The Uncommon buddy in the toy store oh no this is him testing out the Jack in the Box then after that we've got oh a rare Jovi Oh I thought it was close there but again rare doesn't have a physical figure and then we've got Mr Narwhal and Jovi again just a comment as well well as a common Jovi again and Buddy the elf and come on we got him this one here is the one that we talked about earlier of him eating the spaghetti oh my gosh this one looks great and you know what it actually kind of reminds me of some of the anime ones where they're eating noodles I mean he's got his legs crossed in the chair oh this is an amazing one and so now I guess let's just go through the rest of the pack to see if there's anything else and it looks like that was an ooh Leon still gotta get that one all right so two of the physical figures so far is off to a great start and now let's get into pack 9860 kind of a random number but they give you a random number so let's see here hoping we can get another physical figure here Jovi Jovi Puffin come on ooh Buddy the elf with raccoons getting close now who do we have next we've got a Max token head we've got a buddy the Elf we've got oh a rare buddy again I think maybe the same card as earlier oh no um I don't know either way they're similar then after that we've got ooh black and white Mr Narwhal and ooh Buddy the elf again come on Freddy Funko his buddy Oh I thought it was one whenever they're animated it throws me off and anyways let's keep going here and see we've got a Mr Narwhal as well as a Ming Ming not the physical one but hey a new card for the collection and now actually before we continue I want to show you guys all of the cards that I've got in my collection so far and it says that we've got 46 done with one Grail and one legendary and then if you scroll through you can see the ones that I'm missing as well as the ones that I've got and honestly it's not that many ooh we're missing a couple epics okay that might take a little bit and then way down at the bottom here you could see the Grail buddy the alpha as well as the legendary version and now what we need is these three fingers crossed I know the craziest part about all of this is we're not even halfway through the packs we still have six more to go so let's get into the next one all right everybody here we go pack number I believe this is five so we're halfway through them so far is opening up and let's see come on what do we got on the first one oh we got an epic buddy the alpha wait for it to load there it is right there guys him throwing snowballs again and it oh right in my face and now let's keep going here to see what else we've got a normal Buddy the elf we've got another buddy how many buddies are we gonna be getting in a row here that's four five oh kind of close and now here's the thing though guys I do want to mention this even though I have got one of the Grails and legendaries already I could technically get the same ones again I'm just hoping that I can get different ones because it would be nice to get the entire set we've got some more pop elves maybe maybe come on an epic Mr Narwhal ooh sparkly I know we've got a couple more cards left in the pack so let's hope we can get another physical figure come on come on come on come on ah nothing in this one but now that I think about it hasn't it been no physical physical no physical physical so with that logic this next one here should be a physical figure let's hope so and so here we go everybody number 16 342 maybe it's a lucky one I don't know is that anybody's lucky number let me know in the comment section below and let's see okay I'm gonna flip this one what do we got at um another epic Mr Narwhal you know what now that I'm talking about Mr Narwhal maybe we need a lucky narwhal next to me and let's see what we can get on this next one here which is going to be another Mr Narwhal and Ming Ming as well as Leon come on another Jovi the three that I need in a row there we've got another Mr Narwhal and then we've got a leon as well as a jovi and a jovi and uh Freddy come on Joey goodbye nothing yet I apologize about that let's just keep going with the cards here to see oh we got a rare Papa elf and then the last card in the pack is a rare Ming Ming okay Mr normal maybe you didn't help out so much but you can stay for now alrighty well here we go guys pack number seven let's see if there's gonna be anything special in here I didn't check the number on it but it was somewhere in the seven thousands actually kind of Lucky maybe pack number seven in the seven thousands you never know could be good we've got Buddy the elf another buddy come on Max tokenhead I don't care about these anymore I just want to get them physical ones at this point and here we go well actually it would be nice to get more of them that I don't have because then I could get the Freddy anyways doesn't really matter what do we got though another Joby come on there's got to be a jovi coming we've had so many jobbies we need to get a Joby figure come on come on come on Leon ooh super close literally one under the level that I need for that physical figure and this is a pretty cool card with him sliding down but let's continue here and see what the next one is a Max tokenhead and ah Freddy Funko is buddy all right everyone we are down to our last three packs and I'm noticing that the first one here is actually in the eight thousands and it's our eighth pack so we've got to do this one next and now before I crack it open Mr Narwhal can I get some luck please sorry about that guys and anyways let's get into this one here come on come on come on come on come on I think at this point if I were to be like realistic here I think one more physical figure would be great and then maybe I could finish off the entire collection after I'd be okay with that but to get the other three would be nice and now let's see what we've got here okay we got another one of the coins then after that we've got a Buddy the elf I mean I'm just naming the same characters over and over again so I think we're just gonna flip through these guys here is that two of the exact same one in a row I don't know but a lot of black and white ones in here I gotta say uh third one that time another buddy there's got to be something special in this pack okay come on come on come on come on a Joby we're getting a lot of jobies come on and now here's the thing guys I do already have this card but I could use it as possible trade bait if I don't get the other three and so let's just keep going through the pack because we have a couple more here with Papa elf as well as Leon another normal one okay Mr Narwhal maybe you are a little bit lucky and now let's get into pack number nine to find out what we're gonna be getting with the first one being Papa elf okay and then we've got a leon the two that I need okay come on come on please be in here we've got a Max token head we've got a jovi rare pretty cool another Jovi we've got Buddy the elf we've got a Max tokenhead epic we've got Buddy the elf Max tokenhead Buddy the elf buddy fan ah nothing on this pack and so here we go everybody it all comes down to this the last pack of the day number 11 978 so let's crack it open and fingers crossed we get at least one more physical figure here we go everybody I can see the back of the first pack come on come on okay Ming Ming promising then we've got Buddy the elf then we've got buddy the oh it's gonna be a lot of body I feel like and we've got a Max tokenhead then we've got Buddy the elf and Buddy the elf and Buddy the elf and Buddy the elf and Buddy the elf and who's after that oh buddy the Elf and then after that we've got Papa elf kind of close pop elf and boom Arctic Puffin and last but not least guys the last card we've got of the day is ooh an epic Buddy the elf I thought we were close there and now that we're done opening up all of the packs let's take a look at the cards one more time because I gotta say 80 done on this set I can definitely finish this together Freddy and if you want to see we've got got 27 of the common ones out of 30 we've got 23 of the uncommons out of 26 15 of the rares out of 20 and then 8 out of 15 on the epics which is probably going to be the hardest to get but hey I'll definitely try for them and then down here guys we've got one of the Grails as well as two of the legendary buddy the office and I feel like I could definitely trade this for somebody else the question is who do I go for Jovi Leon or Ming Ming pop it in the comment section below whichever comment gets the most likes I'll go for that one Mr Narwhal I think you know what time it is bye buddy hope you find your dad thanks Mr Narwhal and well there you go guys that is everything for today and if you guys were able to get some of the alpha nfts today please pop it in the comments section below which ones you got did you get a Grail legendary or maybe you didn't get any of those and you were just able to get that Freddy Funko royalty please let me know because I would love to hear it and also coming out on the 20th there was an entire set of retro toys nfts with a bunch of really cool physical figures so if you want to see a video on that let me know but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you tomorrow

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