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This exquisite collection of high-caliber knives that will elevate your cutting-edge experience. From renowned brands to rare finds, these knives are not just tools but pieces of precision craftsmanship.
  • Wenger Dynasty Series Swiss Army Knives - Embark on a legendary journey with the Wenger Dynasty Series, featuring the King Arthur, Gawain, and Ivanhoe models. Crafted with Swiss precision, these knives are a testament to the heritage of Wenger.
  • Al Mar SERE Passport Folding KnifeA vintage gem from Japan (1997), the Al Mar SERE Passport Folding Knife in AUS-8A steel showcases a blend of Japanese mastery and tactical  - functionality.
  • Benchmade Presidio II 570 Aluminum - Indulge in the sophistication of the Benchmade Presidio II 570, a first-production discontinued masterpiece with S30V steel. Its aluminum build ensures durability, while the design exudes elegance.
  • Acta Non Verba Knives Spelter Tactical Blade - The ANVM311-007 is not just a knife; it's a statement. Acta Non Verba – Deeds, Not Words. This fixed blade tactical knife means business, with a design that speaks volumes.
  • USN Mark 1 Fighting Knife RH 35 PAL - Step into the legacy of the US Navy with the Mark 1 fighting knife. Its leather handle adds a touch of classic craftsmanship to this historical piece.
  • Spyderco Karahawk Folding Knife - Unleash the rarity with the Spyderco Karahawk, a folding karambit with a VG10 blade and G10 handle. Discontinued and rare, it's a collector's dream.
  • Wenger × Leica Swiss Army Knife - Experience excellence with the collaboration of Wenger and Leica. This Swiss Army Knife is not just a tool; it's a testament to the fusion of Swiss precision and German engineering.

Best Knife Companies and Models

Company Year Best Models
Spyderco 1978 Paramilitary 2, Delica 4, Endura 4
Benchmade 1988 Griptilian, 940, Bugout
Pocket Unknown Executive, Executive Elite, Pro-Elite
Remington 1816 R11517, R11917, R19933
Protech 1999 TR-3, Godfather, Magic
Mick Strider 1994 SMF, PT, SnG
Chris Reeve 1984 Sebenza, Inkosi, CPM, Umnumzaan
Three Rivers Manufacturing (TRM) 2010 Atom, Neutron, Viator
Victorinox 1884 Swiss Army Knife, Classic, Tinker
Tanto Unknown Tactical Tanto, Sei Tanto, Gunting Tanto
Hinderer 1995 XM-18, Eklipse, Jurassic
Curtiss 2013 F3, F3 Compact, Nano
Lionsteel 1969 TRE, SR1, SR22
Dawson 2012 Munroe Darn Dao, HEST/F, Boss Hog
Huntsman Unknown Frontier, Western, Outlaw
Hogue Deka 2018 Deka, Ritter RSK, Sig Legion

Spyderco Benchmade Victorinox Hinderer Lionsteel Protech Work Tuff Gear
Pocket, Remington, Mick Strider, Chris Reeve, Three Rivers Manufacturing, TRM, Tanto, Curtiss, Dawson, Huntsman, Hogue Deka

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Spyderco, Benchmade, Pocket, Remington, Protech, Mick Strider, Chris Reeve, Three Rivers Manufacturing, TRM, Victorinox, Tanto, Hinderer, Curtiss, Lionsteel, Dawson, Huntsman, Hogue Deka

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