Pokemon Go Creator Niantic Releases New Tamagotchi Style Game 'Peridot' for iOS Today

Niantic, the augmented reality company behind popular games like Pokémon Go, has released a new game called Peridot. This Tamagotchi-style game lets users choose and raise virtual pets called "Dots" in the real world. Players can take their pets for walks and collect items, discover new places, and capture photos in the process. 

The game syncs with the Health app to track walking distance even when it's closed, and the augmented reality interface is highly responsive. By petting, feeding, and playing with their Dots, players can help them grow, unlock new archetypes, and level up their pets to gain new character traits. 

Peridot features a wide range of Dot archetypes, including cheetahs, dragons, unicorns, and more. The game has been in development for over a year since announced in April 2022 and was released for download on May 8, 2023. Download Link Apple iOS

From App Description: Peridot fulfills your fantasy of bonding with a magical, brag-worthy creature that can fly through the air, always wants to be by your side, and might have a secret love for turkey sandwiches. With the power of AR, this pet simulation game places whimsical beings known as Peridots (“Dots'' for short) in the real world with you. And with Peridot, playing with friends is better, simple as that. Meet up with your besties IRL to Hatch new Dots that will inherit the Traits of their parents, then snap a pic and share it with your friends!
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