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 Welcome to my first Youtube video! Super excited to finally share a full tour of my vintage makeup collection and beauty studio. This has been my most requested video since I started sharing my love of all things vintage beauty. There is so much more to show so make sure you subscribe to see more. Any questions or suggestions for future content please comment below! 💋💋💋 Can't wait to chat with you all!

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Studio Design by Martina Guandalini 
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[Music] erin parsons i'm a celebrity and fashion makeup artist i'm maybelline's global ambassador i collect vintage makeup i do tick talks about makeup basically everything i do is makeup even my name says aaron parsons makeup i'm obsessed with it clearly and you're gonna see a lot more of it right now [Music] we'll start with the blue wall now the blue wall this is actually a color called eve clam blue and he was an artist and i was always so inspired by how rich and gorgeous this color was in this wall i have some of the most exciting things from my collection so i'm going to start with one of the holy grail products that i am in love with and that would be marilyn monroe's false eyelashes i keep everything under glass for these particular products i have marilyn monroes i have some of elizabeth taylor amy winehouse's makeup i also have mae west's makeup well when i'm good i'm very good but when i'm bad i'm better so these are the revlon tutorings like couture and they actually are made with real fur now we don't support wearing real fur but this is 1962 and i will definitely keep it precious you would actually let's see if there's a lipstick inside so they're refillable and you just buy the lipstick refill and you put it inside and then there you go can you imagine carrying that in your purse gorgeous now there's some things that i love about vintage makeup besides the craziness like having a chair compact with a powder puff inside it's things like this this might just look like a simple little container you've got your mirror but then when you open it up you have a swans down plea and you would powder yourself with this oh there we go opened all the way up feathers floating you see this tiny it's called a finger chain compact so the girls in the jazz age would put these on and go dancing you just hold it on your finger and do the charleston but if you open it up inside you have your powder and then you lift here and you also have your rouge and then you would even have a lipstick and still lipstick inside you see how tiny that is it's so cute you also have these 1920s purses like this is their purse look at what we carry now and inside again your powder your rouge and your the teensiest lipstick known to man and of course your mirror and you just wear that out dancing there's more lipstick dolls and again same by revlon you have these amazing compacts this actually this little dog is also a compact how cute is that a lot of collectors really love anything masquerade so these elizabeth arden masquerade they're so hard to find i only have two of them but i think that there's like eight in total if anybody ever sees them let me know and then i also have wire wigs these are from the 1920s actually made out of um what is this fabric called raffia or bullion that's what it is this one is made out of silk thread how cute they would worn wigs that were made out of fabric one of the things that i like to do as a collector is i just like finishing a collection so for instance these hats i think that there's about five of them and i just found the last one to the collection today so it's not in there but basically all of this is world war ii at that time it was all about red lipstick it was all about red white and blue any military things this box is super cool this one is from a brand name tanji and i always love that like deco sort of vibe of the lips inside of your lips to give your powder you have your rouge to find this box in this condition totally mint it's just so precious i love it put that back these are really beautiful these um any kind of the compacts that have enamel i mean if you just get a close-up of how stunning that is this one was rare and expensive she's beautiful this again is so rare and i have another one in a different color i have a story about this so this one's not in mint condition i had one in mint condition and in the move i lost it i literally could cry thinking about it so that's the blue wall [Music] oh more vintage stuff more and more and more and on this side more and more i just don't have space for everything so i have to keep a lot in here i will show you this though i do have amy winehouse's bronzer which was actually in a ziploc bag broken just like the rest of us and i keep it in this drawer because i don't want anything to spill one day i'll display it that's the cupboard [Music] now we move away from the blue wall into our mint green color i love the combination of these two colors and i guess where i should start is where the collection actually started which was with maybelline so when i signed with maybelline i started to research the brand and they launched in 1917 and they created some of the first mascaras this is what the mascara looks like this is totally unused a little cardboard box you even have the paper inside and it'll show you actually how to use it that's what mascara was you would take your brush you either spit in it yes they called it the spit black because you'd spit in it rub your brush in and then use it or you just use water with it and they do still make water cake mascaras today the very first product that they ever launched is lash brow in and before they were even called maybelline it was mabel laboratories so lash brow in they couldn't use that name because there was another product that basically had the same name and everything was kind of this form of vaseline and they would use that on their eyebrows and on their eyelashes and that was the closest she got to mascara in 1917. i'm going to open it up because there's something really special inside first off it still has the product inside so you can see what it looks like and if you get really close you can see somebody's 100 year old eyelashes are inside that product i imagine someone 18 to 30 or something in 1917 mostly young kids were using makeup i mean it was frowned upon to paint yourself you're thought of as a hussy but or a prostitute an actress for god forbid you'd be an actress like those were the women that painted themselves not a respectable society women but we know that they did too they just did it much more subtle this is one of the things that i love collecting and i search for this constantly leg makeup when world war ii happened they needed the hosiery for the war but what they did is they started making actual leg makeup still liquid inside shake it up put it on the legs it would look like you were wearing pantyhose and then if you wanted to be really authentic you would take an eyeliner and you would paint a stripe down the back and middle of your leg to look like real pantyhose i love collecting powder boxes all the powder boxes that i like to collect they usually have faces on them anything that has a woman a woman's face like an art deco vibe in 1905 overton launched powder for deeper complexions and he was the very first person to display someone with a deeper complexion on the actual box of powder because all of these products were actually made for anyone with tan to deep skin tone but you can see that the packaging doesn't quite display that but this one did the reason why i love collecting anything with a face is because you can actually see how the makeup was worn back then and you really see it on say a doll like this how the rosebud lips i love anything with moosh which were beauty marks you would paste on a moosh means a fly it's basically like a little piece of either silk or taffeta or velvet and you would just lick it and you can actually stick it on and this is basically like a mousse holder you could put this on your necklace or wear it it would just keep your moosh inside of the box and of course another masquerade item which we love there's many things inside this box that are really special but this is one that it's just one of the coolest things that i've ever found and i kind of can't even believe that i own this but this is a 17th century rouge and patch box from versailles or at least somewhere near paris and inside you would have for your rouge or your powder and your patches and then this tiny little brush like just for a reference how cute is that these eyelashes are the oldest eyelashes they believe they were invented in 1902 and this is really interesting because when they first started making false lashes the strip that they used was actually fish bladder yikes right i mean look how long they are so you could have them feathered so you would cut them but that is actually fish splatter and the way we do our lashes now is we would glue them sort of like really close to our actual own lashes but with this you'd actually glue the strip on so there would be like a strip on your eyelid with the lashes coming over i think that's why in the 1920s you see a lot of women that have that really thick black liner i feel like they would put these lashes on like jean harlow for instance and then put like a thick black liner to hide that fish bladder wild if you remember the little dog i showed you at the blue wall this is a shuco monkey they also had bears and they also came in different wait till colors see what's inside you gotta take the head off there's your lipstick and now that the head is off you can open up the body and you have your powder compact in your mirror and there's your powder inside your little puff that's so cool i love it i love it love it love it you see a lot of things are made out of metal or like you have the monkeys and all these cute little things but then we go into the 1970s and everything starts to become plastic even really in the 1960s but this was all from avon and they would make these kitsch little products like you have a little hamburger bun which i really adore and you open up the hamburger bun and you have your lip gloss inside i mean that's super cute we have twiggy we've got our plants eyeshadows we've got a birdhouse of lipsticks and then we've got the naked mannequin that sometimes gets into my videos she doesn't have a name it's just her or she well what she does hold for me besides just watching over the place she actually has on these necklaces this one has perfume you have a powder compact this one has i think shimmer eyeshadow or something inside i'll open up this one this is actually from ysl so i want to say this is 1980s but inside you have a bronzer could be 90s and i just also collect magazines these two are particularly interesting because you have the revlon cosmetics kiss and cell from the 1980s and then this was the first time in 1958 that beauty was really recognized the industry without a recession they knew beauty is a huge industry that really never falters and even they say you know during like depression era times that lipstick sales were up so there's a really cool article about that so she just keeps those in her hand and then i have more magazines and more magazines vintage vogues i love collecting vintage vogues my oldest one that i have is from 1897 and it has a dog on the cover isn't that funny and that's how people would get their fashion info started in 1892 i believe i have one other section of vintage stuff to show you well it could go on forever a lot of ways to start a collection is with the books so there's a lot of compact books out there that are really great i have them all this is a really great one actually roslyn gerson who was a big collector her ladies compacts book and if you go inside you can oh my gosh i think that oh that's the product i opened for you in the beginning la pompanette you see this book is so valuable because you actually can find out all the information but then you also know what to look for you don't just go on ebay and go vintage makeup because that will pull up everything if you go you're searching for a richard hudnut lay debut you'll find these on there they might be pricey if they're mint but that's how you look for vintage items a lot of these books are makeup collector items makeup recipes reference books because i'm a makeup artist the first thing i started to collect was actually books and this is my main shelf it's actually color coordinated say i have a project i'm working on and i just need an idea for makeup i can simply open any of these books and be completely inspired walt papers book one of the best i hope obviously that i can share all of this stuff with the public one day including my vintage collection when i start my foundation we will have an actual museum you want to see the bathroom real quick yes of course come on in you can come all the way in erin say hi to everybody and so i have all of my glamour wall in here we've got anime wong gene harlow john crawford marilyn monroe and more john crawford josephine clara beau marlena dietrich angela lansbury eddie lamarr dorothy dandridge gloria swanson honey i just love the glamour icons [Applause] now let's go see the final part of the vintage collection again as i was saying like i love anything figural meaning that it is the figure of something for instance this is a guitar when you open it up and oh my god take a drink every time i say a powder inside a hot air balloon you'd have your powder in the top and your rouge on the bottom more chairs even a piano as a powder compact oh the bracelets the bracelets is what i have to show you the flamond bracelets josephine baker they made them for her to promote the movie zuzu there was one that came up for auction it went for six thousand dollars i was actually bidding on it i couldn't go that high obviously but i lost it oh i wanted it so bad here is the flamont bracelet obviously on and of course then inside you would have your mirror and you would have a powder puff inside these bracelets are just really cool because like to carry that much inside of just a little bracelet you have your whole vanity on your wrist like a lipstick too this is elizabeth taylor's wig i have another elizabeth taylor wig from cleopatra this is mae westwig and this is doris day i couldn't afford the short doris day which she was known for but she had a lot of long ones from the 60s so i got one of those the cleopatra one is just really really really special i love this lipstick box i love seeing everything open it literally looks like candy and a lot of times i have doubles and triples of these so i will actually use these and the formula is amazing more mini mini mini lipsticks the tiniest lipsticks that i've ever seen in my entire life like there's one inside there i might have to open it up that's a lipstick this one is from the brand tangy and this probably would have came in like a sample pack they did a lot of color harmony things so you'd have your rouge your powder and your lipstick and you can see how tiny all of these are look how tiny that one is compared to the rest of them absolutely insane [Music] let me show you my final space i'm going to turn on the lights this is actually where i film or if you see my tic tacs my instagrams this is the place that i film in another wig wall i also love collecting vintage hats these are wigs i actually wear normally this wig that i'm wearing is usually on this mannequin so i had to snatch her up and put it on for this video love wigs i love anything that can transform you including makeup hello and inside here this is where i keep my personal makeup just for when i'm filming and this one i have my jewelry my hair products nails contacts this is my science table too you guys see me do science things on tik tok or i'll make old recipes and try like things from the ancient past this is my little science table that i use [Music] i think that's my studio now you know what it's like to be a hoarder who loves makeup i don't know what to say i said a lot

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