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Pokemon Go

You can only make 1 special trade per day, so make sure you have it available
If you have the Pokemon registered in your Pokedex already, you can make 100 registered trades per day.
20k Stardust Required if the Pokemon isnt registered in your Pokedex.
100 Stardust Required if the Pokemon is registered in your Pokedex.
IVS are completely randomized in each trade.

All regional Pokemon, wild Pokemon, Costumed and Unknown Pokemon.
(20k Stardust) Shiny/Legendary trades
3,000-4,000 CP Pokemon (Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, etc)

Invite you and your friends to raids. 
Trainer catch Pokemon from any country/city in the world. (Get your Pilot Medal)
Teach and catch 1000-5000 Pokemon on your PTC per day + Spin 1000+ Pokestops on your PTC per day. 1.000.000 Stardust - 20 hours(14hrs with 28 Star Pieces)( 12X Shiny, 2 Million~ XP)
- Lucky egg and Star pieces will reduce the time taken to complete.

7 pokemon in gyms
Feed berries to pokemon in gyms
Battle all team rockets
Do all easily available quest
Send and receive gifts
Revive and heal pokemon
Keep all 2500+ CP pokemon
Keep all 90%+ IVs 
Hatch eggs
Keep all Shiny Pokemon
Buddy will be maxed hearts per day
Catch Great League perfect Pokemon
Catch Ultra League perfect Pokemon
Complete daily research task

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